1.    Observe proper swimming attire. NOT ALLOWED Colored t-shirts, denim or maongs, basketball shorts. VIOLATORS WILL BE          REFUSED ENTRY TO THE POOLS.

2.    Shower first before dipping in the pool.


3.    Jumping and diving in the Pools is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


4.    Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


5.    No eating and drinking inside or near the pool area.


6.    Persons who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be refused entry to the Resort.


7.    Parents and Guardians are primary responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children.


8.    Any damages to the property of the resort due to improper use or negligence will be charge to the person/s concerned. 


9.    Do not leave your valuable things unattended. Management is not liable for any lost item.


10. Alcoholic drinks should be controlled. For the benefit of other guests and to maintain  Peace and Order  in the resort,        

      Management  reserves the right to restrict unruly guests to their cottages  and or eject the same out of the premises, at no cost

      and without  prejudice to filing of complaints with the police  and or Barangay authorities.